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The Alpha Rho Scholarship Program

The Alpha Rho Scholarship Program was started in 2001 with the objective of encouraging and rewarding academic performance at the Alpha Rho Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order located on the campus of West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Since inception in 2001, the scholarship program has awarded academic scholarships to active members of Kappa Alpha Order, Alpha Rho Chapter. Starting with a single scholarship offering, the program now offers four unique scholarships ranging in value from $500 to $1,000. Each scholarship focuses on different aspects of academics, leadership, civic involvement, chapter involvement, and personal growth. We believe these traits reflect the primary values of Kappa Alpha Order. Our scholarship program is designed to encourage each active member to strive to excel and prepare for life after college.

Scholarship Program Goals

  • Promote academic excellence and civic involvement as integral parts of the Alpha Rho experience
  • Encourage and reward improvement in academic performance for all members of Alpha Rho
  • Create opportunities for alumni to become more involved in supporting the actives, pledges, and overall goals of the chapter

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Alpha Rho Sean Guthrie Memorial Scholarship

The Sean Guthrie Memorial Scholarship is available for award only for Fall Semester, 2017. This scholarship awards the engineering or other math or science major that meets the academic qualifications for the scholarship program and clearly exhibits the KA qualities and dedication to his brothers and chapter as shown by Sean.

Daulton Lentini ‘15, Fall Semester 2017

Alpha Rho Memorial Academic & Civic Excellence Scholarship

The Alpha Rho Academic & Civic Excellence Scholarship awards the student that demonstrates and excels in community and social involvement as well as academic achievement. This scholarship is offered once per academic year and is valued at $1,000.

William Tassano ‘15, Fall Semester 2017
Charles Hill ‘14, Fall Semester 2016
Klint Hopkins ‘13, Fall Semester 2015
Alexander Ekvall ‘11, Fall Semester, 2014
James Dreibelbis ‘06, Fall Semester 2008
Jesse Antoine ‘06, Fall Semester 2007
Jesse Antoine ‘06, Fall Semester 2006
Ryan Holliday ‘02, Fall Semester 2004
Andrew Judy, ‘00, Fall Semester 2002
Jebediah Christy, ‘01, Spring Semester 2002

Brent Allen Bush Memorial Academic Achievement Scholarship

The Alpha Rho Academic Achievement Scholarship awards the student that demonstrates a commitment to academics throughout the year based on cumulative GPA for the fall and spring semesters. This scholarship is offered once per academic year and is valued at $750.

Calvin Asch ‘16, Fall Semester 2017
Jake Saunders ‘13, Fall Semester 2016
Charles Hill ‘14, Fall Semester 2015
Mark Mazza ‘12, Fall Semester 2014
Alec Jacober, Fall Semester 2013
Alex Parent ‘05, Fall Semester 2007
Cory Bartoe ‘05, Fall Semester 2006
Jason Marconi ‘02, Fall Semester 2004
Adam Finniss, ‘03, Fall Semester 2003

Academic Improvement Scholarship

The Alpha Rho Academic Improvement Scholarship awards the student that demonstrates a commitment to academic improvement based on comparable GPA’s between continuous semesters. This scholarship is offered two times per academic year and is valued at $500.

Patrick Pimentel '13, Fall Semester 2017
Jacob McCray '14, Fall Semester 2016
Frank Sperry ‘12, Fall Semester 2015
Gregory Osgood ‘12, Fall Semester 2014
Gregory Osgood ‘12, Fall Semester 2013
Matthew Hyman ‘09, Spring Semester 2012
Alex Parent ‘05, Spring Semester 2008
Jack Cashman ‘05, Spring Semester 2007
Alex Parent ‘05, Fall Semester 2006
Jordan Steele ‘03, Spring Semester 2006
Tim Miller ‘03, Fall Semester 2005
Jonathan King ‘04, Spring Semester 2005
Brandon Schwab ‘02, Fall Semester 2004
Scott Conley, ‘01, Spring Semester 2004

Queen's Club Scholarship

The Alpha Rho Queen's Club Scholarship awards the student that demonstrates and excels in leadership, philanthropic or professional career development. This scholarship is offered on a floating basis. The award is typically valued at $500.

Andreas Lambris ‘15, Fall Semester 2017
Nick Paci ‘14, Fall Semester 2016
Jake Saunders ‘13, Fall Semester 2015
Michael Donahue, Fall Semester 2013
James Dreibelbis ‘06, Spring Semester 2008
Jon Hackworth ‘04, Spring Semester 2007
Tim Miller ‘03, Fall Semester 2004
Fletcher Kenton, ‘01, Fall Semester 2003

Program Administration

The program is administered by Alpha Rho Scholarship Corporation, recognized as a 501 (c) (3) corporation by the Internal Revenue Service. All direct donations are considered charitable and may be tax deductible depending on your specific tax situation. The program is overseen by a board of directors that are comprised of Kappa Alpha Order Alumni from various universities in the US.

Generously Funded by Alpha Rho Alumni

The scholarships are funded by the generous alumni of Alpha Rho through direct contributions, corporate matching programs, and yearly fund raising events. For information on how you can support the program by contributing or participating in our corporate sponsorship program, please contact us.