alpha Rho

The Alpha Rho Leadership Program

The Alpha Rho Leadership Program (LFP) has a singular purpose with three objectives. The purpose of the LFP is to prepare the Alpha Rho Active undergraduate for professional life as early as possible while at WVU. The primary objectives of the program are:

  • Prepare the undergraduate for professional life as early as possible while at WVU. 
  • Invite non Klassic attendees to speak and therefore bring them into the fold.
  • Guarantee perpetuity. As these graduating actives gain status in their careers they can continue the LFP by being a speaker

Join us at the KA House on Thursday, October 26, 5pm for the program kickoff with a presentation by Jim Lynch, retired SVP PepsiCo and present owner  of Penrose Brewery.

2017 Alpha Rho Leadership Program Series

  • Series 1. Internships, Mentoring and Emotional Quotient (EQ) - John Vozniak, VP Corporate Business Development, Escalate and Samoco Oil Tools
  • Series 2. How to be a CEO, Tony Piscopio or Armand Anito
  • Series 3. How to go from Corporate to Entrepreneurship - Neil Backes, President Backes Consulting & Technology
  • Series 4. How to be an Entrepreneur, George Dragonir, Owner, Dragonir Resources
  • Series 5. Taking over the Family Business, John Baum, President, Craft Products Company
  • Series 6. How to be a Corporate SuperStar, Jim Lynch, retired SVP PepsiCo, Owner, Penrose Brewery
  • Series 7. How to be a Public Servant, The Honorable Bruce Bowling, Mayor, White Sulphur Springs, WV

The Alpha Rho Leadership Program's intent is to provide real world examples of the reality that active brothers will face in the post-graduate world. The program will leverage the incredible talent and experience of our Alpha Rho alumuni through learning seminars and mentorship programs.