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Our Capital Campaign Funds the KA House

Capital Campaign

The new KA Manor has received excellent reviews from our alumni, actives, parents, news media and the University. Upon completion, the President of West Virginia University at the time, David Hardesty, had been most enthusiastic in his complimentary remarks about the house and the leadership that Alpha Rho had taken in upgrading the Greek system on the campus. Our new, stately KA Manor makes a bold architectural statement on the campus of our beloved university. It is a tribute to our Kappa Alpha heritage and the values we share; "Excelsior is our motto; Excellence is our aim." We hope that each and every brother will have a chance to visit the new Alpha Rho home at West Virginia University.

Alpha Rho Alumni Board Provides Guidance

In concert with the new house is a committed Alumni Board that is working with the Active Chapter, the University and National Chapter to build upon the continuation of our traditional standards and aims. Our values have always been related to trust, duty, honor and leadership with excellence as our aim. Having completed this new house, we can now focus on the necessary business at hand of reducing the debt.

Contribute to the Capital Campaign to Help Finish the Job

In order to meet our financial obligations, we need help from all of our alumni and friends. We continue to ask the alumni who have already given to increase their commitment or to make a new pledge. For those that have not yet made a decision we request that you join with us in this endeavor by making a generous pledge within your means. You can make a pledge today by clicking this link that will take you to our Capital Campaign web site where you will be able to make a donation.

We have come a long way in the past few years in providing a good future for the Alpha Rho Chapter. Now let's finish the job by reducing this debt and know that the goal has been met. Join the team, renew your commitment and help us finish this job in good order.

A Message from Our Alumni Board of Directors

The active chapter and the alumni board are diligently working to raise the $100,000 needed to pay down our working capital loan. This pressing issue must be addressed and immediately resolved so Alpha Rho can continue to achieve excellence and success. The Alpha Rho alumni have always helped lead our chapter. It started 105 years ago when five alumni pledged the funds to build our first house, and it continues with you today. In recent years, 316 alumni generously donated over $951,000 in funds to build our current home. With this new foundation laid, Alpha Rho has been molded into a leading presence on campus. We need to continue to position our chapter for financial and operational success by decreasing the working capital loan, and we need your help! If you have not yet had a chance to make a contribution, please join us today. Visit our capital campaign fundraising website at Omega Financial to make your contribution or fulfill your pledge (go there now).

You can also mail your pledge directly to:
     The Campaign for Alpha Rho, c/o OmegaFi
     PO Box 2187, Columbus, GA 31902

We hope you will consider a gift of $100, $500, $1,000 or $5,000 to support our efforts for maintaining positive cash flow. We ask that you make a donation in the amount of your choice as soon as possible. Your gift will help give Alpha Rho the financial stability needed to continue on the path of excellence. Please join us and invest in Alpha Rho.