alpha Rho

Traditions and Values Make the Difference

Welcome to the Alpha Rho Chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order of West Virginia University. Kappa Alpha Order was founded in 1865, at Washington College, now Washington and Lee University, in Lexington, VA. Our chapter, Alpha Rho, was founded in 1897 on the campus of West Virginia University.

Kappa Alpha Order seeks to create a lifetime experience that centers on duty, honor, character and gentlemanly conduct as inspired by Robert E. Lee, our spiritual founder.

Make Your Statement

When you first wore the badge of Kappa Alpha Order, you made a powerful statement about who you were and what you believed in. No doubt those memories and experiences have stayed with you and have helped contribute to the man you are today. Whatever it was that first drew you to KA, something spoke to you about the importance of having the Kappa Alpha Order brotherhood, tradition and values in your life -- then, now and forever.

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